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Originally Posted by Pennington Lawncare View Post
I only have one customer who has centipede grass and he wanted to know what herbicide I would recommend. I told him that 24-D is what most people used around this area but, now I've done a little research and most places on the internet say to not use 24-D with Centipede. I have found a site or 2 that say you can use it but, do so at a lower percentage. What would be a safe herbicide to tell him to use? His yard doesn't have many weeds in it to begin with.
I deal with a lot of Centipede. It is very sensitive, doesn't take much to make it sick. Even though some products with 24D are labeled for centipede I would not use them as I have seen 24D have very negative results on centipede. You did not mention what weeds you are trying to control so it is hard to answer your question.

The reason you are not receiving responses are because it is a bad idea to give advice to customers who do not know how to correctly use products. Some are just trying to avoid the cost of hiring a professional. Bottom line is he is better off hiring someone who knows what they are doing.
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