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Originally Posted by ArTurf View Post
I deal with a lot of Centipede. It is very sensitive, doesn't take much to make it sick. Even though some products with 24D are labeled for centipede I would not use them as I have seen 24D have very negative results on centipede. You did not mention what weeds you are trying to control so it is hard to answer your question.

The reason you are not receiving responses are because it is a bad idea to give advice to customers who do not know how to correctly use products. Some are just trying to avoid the cost of hiring a professional. Bottom line is he is better off hiring someone who knows what they are doing.
Make that most. A person whose need to save money trumps intelligence ends up needing to spend more. Centipede is easily damaged or killed. Trimec Southern and most products based on 2,4-D and MCPP amine often do not give a level of weed control that outweighs the damage caused. Now if this person is able to apply products at the rate of 0.25-3 dry oz per acre in 40-100 gallons of water without skips or excessive overlap. then that is different. Otherwise he is better off hiring someone equipped to do it right. Its not just what chemical, its how it is applied.
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