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It's actually been the other way around for me, and many others. GoDaddy is NOT a hosting company by any means, sure they offer hosting, but that's about it. Its cheap and its great for static pages only.

Anything running on any Content Management System will be slowwwwww, because their database connection times are terrible! ~3 seconds just to connect to the database? wow This is on they're new 4GH hosting.
Before 4GH it was even worse...

But again for static pages, including their website tonight - no problems.

Originally Posted by Lawn Enforcer View Post
I use GoDaddy. It started off good, but my designer keeps having trouble uploading my site onto my computer into DreamWeaver. He said 95% of the time GoDaddy is a great and affordable site for hosting, but the other 5% of the time is a nightmare.
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