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Originally Posted by Capemay Eagle View Post
I am towing a new 26ft Camper and the weight unloaded is about 7500lbs. The problem I have is that when I tow it, I find that it tends to bounce? I had a smaller 22ft that seemed to do the same thing.

I have an Ford F150 Platinum and the truck pulls it fine, but I just get that hop or bounce. I am using a Reese mount with the Trunnion bars. I sometimes use the sway bar, but not unless it is long distance. This is my mount I can lower or raise the ball on the mount, but I am not sure that this is the cause or is it? So any one towing a camper with a halfton experience this problem or have a fix or is this the way it is!

I would start at the cheapest thing first rotate and balance all tires.
while the tires are being balanced have the tires shop test the for uneven wear on your trailer tires from having the tire brakes lock up could cause them to flat top.
Do a test drive if you STILL have the SAME problem then I would check the trailer height difference between your tow rig could cause the front trailer axle to leave the ground on certain roads causing a bump.
That should get you started if problem persists I/we can help.
BTW look at your Ujoints in the driveshaft alot of wear could cauld cause that to.
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