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ZTR Use Questions

I am relatively new to mowing & definitely new to ZTR. I am a trustee at a church with a little over 2 acres. We've been repairing our standard ride on Craftsman Tractor about every two weeks for the years & are finally done. I am looking at ZTR's. Specifically, some already mentioned (not looking for answers on which tractor right now) Comm- SCAG FReedom Z, Exmark ?? , Snapper Pro S150, & Residential - TOROTime Cutter Z.

My questions now are: We cut around a parking lot, driveway, about 10 trees, playground, house, shed, dumpster, large church building, elevation changes, etc. We use volunteers. Is a ZTR with the push pull handles a good idea in these conditions with unexperience ZTR'ers? or should we go with something like Club Cadets iseries ZTR?

I ask because I read someone elsewhere in here mentioning how the ZTR's don't have standard throttle & brakes & I am a little apprehensive in letting noob's jump on a 5k tractor & go at it.
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