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30 to 45 horse power is all you need. Also look at John deere tractors. They are every bit as good as kubota and often have better dealer network. make sure you have a dealer close by. A five foot bush hog is all you need. I use this size on these size properties and it is perfect for anything around 3 acres. Arrive, mow for an hour and a half, and leave. I WOULDN't buy a package with a trailer, unless you get separate prices on everything somewhere else to compare and do a lot of research on the trailer the package offers Often they gouge you on attachments and sell you a junk trailer. If you can justify it, buy a tractor/loader/bush hog new, and buy other attachments used or new as you need them. Get a top of the line commercial duty bush hog with a slip clutch from WOODS, Bush Hog, Landpride, or frontier. Buy the commercial model,not the landowner version or the one at tractor supply. You won't be sorry you spent the money Get quick attach on the bucket and if they offer two loaders get the heavier duty one. Also get pallet forks right away. You will use these more than anything else. I would try and stay in the John Deere 3020 series or Kubota Grand L40 up to model L3540 because these tractors are physically smaller and I have found they are much more maneuverable and fit many more places than a larger L40 or JD 4020 series. They are pretty close to perfect to landscaping with a great combo of loader performance and power in a reasonably small package. Look for a tractor that is five feet wide. When you get a trailer, get AT LEAST 20 feet long(with bush hog you will run out on length fast) and at least 10000# (#7000) could be close with some implements on there. Hope it helps
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