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Mecamine D ?

Originally Posted by vvcchamb View Post
My lawns are browning after apps. First time this has ever happened. I calibrated and the rates are normal, using the same mix as usual ( 24d, Aquacap, Double Feature, 46-0-0, and imidicloprid.

The only difference is I'm using Mecamine D instead of 3 way. The mixes never sit in the tank longer than 24 hours, so I don't think I'm getting urea degredation.

It has been cooler and wetter than normal.

Lawns are browing out and completely burning in limited areas. What could be causing this?

Can you help?

BTW I am licensed and have years of experience !
Does the Mec D have the same application rate as 3 Way? That is the only real variable in this equation. I will have to go to the storage shed and get a label to check unless someone can give me an answer.
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