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depends on your level of neglect . I own alot of walkers At my hous i have a 16 hp witha 48'' its a 1 acre lot i cut it every 3rd week NO irrigation or 10 days 2 week if its rainning . i cut it 2 times(different ways at 4'' then 3.5'' it has 1000 hours on it i bought it new in 1998 and besides replacing the engine last year and one gear box its just old and tired . but dependable . for commecial work dont cut over 2 weeks of growth of the ammount of clippings will kill you on the dumping the motor is all that takes the beating overall the frame is ok with rough the cut is the same reguardless of height . the engine may bog if it does your killing it slowly (this goes for all mowers though ..... get a side discharge deck its the same as many others and will be fine
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