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Originally Posted by Tyler's Lawn Maintenance View Post
Approximately how long has it taken to build this and have you used it in the field with it in the state it is in now? Looks like a great project and you did an amazing job on it! I don't think we have a problem with our gate sticking straight up on the NPR or on our 20ft trailer.
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I have had the van for about a year now. If you add the actuall hours I bet I have less than a week or two of total work into it. No, I have only driven it around in "flatbed mode" to get the metal and stuff. I'm going to have all of my poop in a group before BIGFOOT gets a hold of me. Yeah, it is 14.5k gvwr.....and dot numbers will probably be needed.

Originally Posted by greenstarlawns View Post
We need to see some more progress!
It is still as seen in the pics posted here. I drilled a few holes and put some nice big bolts on the hinges as a stop to keep the gate vertical instead of the spring pulling it down to the front. I will make them easily removeable for the two days when I go out of town and want the ramp to go down to the front. I also began to wire the tail lights in.
I'm not a Miracle Worker, if it looks like crap now, it will look like crap with stripes when I am done.

My E-450 Dovetail Van project thread.
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