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Striping is very different and kind of difficult to explain...the "Stripes" you see are actually the blade of grass bent in a way where the sun reflects off it, therefore creating the stripes effect. If you look at stripes when you are mowing, you will see that the green stripe is the grass that you just cut before turning around and the white stripes are the direction you are mowing toward. Now get to the end of the stripe and turn around and the stripe colors are reversed (see what i mean by hard to explain). Different factors play in to how well a yard is striped. If a yard is all weeds, stripes are gonna be hard to see. If a yard is a nice fescue or premium mix of some sort, it is going to stripe better. If you want your mower to stripe better you might wanna look for a stripe kit for your mower (basically a bar that helps bend the grass after it is mowed). I hope this helped although it probably only helped to confuse you.
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