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Originally Posted by Mowingkid35 View Post
I'm a current high school student. I go to school about 2 days out of the week and the rest is spent mowing. The other kids in high school are absolutely ******ed. I cannot stand it when kids in high school think its funny to wreck other peoples things that are earned with hard work.
I was driving through our school parking lot on day after school to pick up one of the kids that works for me and a kid (I mow for his parents) decided it would be funny to through a baseball at my truck....... My drivers side window broke on my brand new truck, as I approached the kids parents that evening they met me with an envelope with $600 cash in it and asked to please not involve the police... Some people i'm telling ya have no respect.
Glad to hear ya taking an intrest in the business and being a sensable person. I would have taken $300 to fix the window and still reported it. Their parents just bought their freedom and gave away their lesson. Good luck to ya bud.
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