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Originally Posted by rlee View Post
looks amazing! Can you give some build specifics ie; type of pump, brand of liner, pvc or rubber hose plumbing, did you dig the shape under the liner or just build into it?

Great job, would like to see your previous builds.
Thanks man. Pump is a Monsoon 10,000 gph pump. Brand of liner I am unsure I think it is Carlisle liner. I use flex freeze pipe for the pipe from the pump to the top of the waterfall. I did a little of both as far as digging, dig a little here, fold the liner back see how it looks then fold it back over and get it the right shape for the rock you're placing.

Here's the first waterfall I ever put in, at my Dad's house. Wish it had more flow.

Here's my second, there are plants in now but I don't have any recent pics.
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