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Originally Posted by luckylawnboy View Post
I ran a ferris with the 3 cylinder 31 0r 33hp cat diesel is 5100. It was a useless piece of crap. Blade tip speed would drop just from from driving the machine. When cutting it would only mow at half speed if that in heavy grass. I loved the ride but the machine was way under powered. It needs a turbo in my opinion. I would like to try the Dixie Chopper or Bad boy as they use a 4 cylinder cat engine. I just dont understand why they are not putting turbos on these small diesel engines?

My z 970 with 37 hp gets 1.8gph but it cuts twice as fast as that ferris plus I paying a guy twice the labor if I buy a diesel. Dixie Chopper had a turbo Diesel that was 50hp but that mower was out dated.
They do, Kubota has a couple models in Toros that have turbos.

IIRC, that is the same model Ferris I demoed and it had plenty of power as well as the great ride. Just didn't like the cut quality.
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