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Originally Posted by Tall Rider View Post
Ok to add another monkey in the barrel right now lets throw another problem into the mix. Right now where I live diesel is $4.39 a gallon. Now couple that to the added cost of the machine and is having the diesel ZTR really more efficient or better right now in todays market? I take into consideration what type of use these machines would work in, heavy commercial or industrial and all I here about on here is how cheap that area of work is going for now. Normally in better times with cheaper fuel prices this is how these other company's could afford to bid these larger properties so cheap. Right now I don't see any added benefit of the diesel and the weight of one around here would rut something fierce. Does anyone know what a 2011 Toro 590D in a 60" or 72" goes for now? I remember they were close to 17K or 18K before and no one around here knows anything about Daihatsu engines. Anyone run one?
Doesn't matter, run from the Daihatsu's as fast and as far as you can. They are the biggest POS engine's I have ever had the displeasure and expense of owning.

Worse than a Ford 6.0, and I have 3 of those.

Guaranteed within 1500 hours they will need a rebuild. Either the head will crack or oil consumption will be through the roof.

There's a reason Exmark stopped using these boat anchors and bit the bullet and are using Kubotas now.
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