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Originally Posted by TLS View Post
I'd love to have a little 1L diesel that's TURBO'd to keep torque up and maintain RPM's better. Don't know why manufactures dont explore this a little further.
Cost! A small turbo would add more cost than a few extra cc's of displacement.

You make a lot of good points on weight, and on the engine outliving the frame. My experience with diesel engines is in tractors, and weight is not an issue there. In fact, my Kubota was a bit light.

I don't have enough info to crunch the numbers, but if a diesel uses 65% of the GPH, what is the fuel savings/season for a busy LCO. I'd think there would be much bigger savings on LCO's that manage huge properties where you put a lot of hours on the machine, and wouldn't spend a lot of hours carting a heavier mower around.

Fuel savings would seem to be the biggest benefit to a diesel. Plus they sound better than a gas engine LOL
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