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Got the pics

Not sure what type of boulder it is specifically, but it appears to be some sort of metamorphic rock. Boulder sits 12 inches or so in the ground. Shape and size should be covered by the pictures.

If I do a pond-less stream it will be going from the boulder towards the street. On the side facing the driveway and walk to the front door I may engrave the house number or a saying of some sort.

I took the hose to three sides of the boulder. Two are viewable from the road and one form the office window. I may drill a line to all three I may not. Any ideas or suggestions? How much flow do you recommend per side, what size hole would you recommend to allow the flow, etc.

ALSO. is there a concern with various cracks in the boulder (you can see one of them in the pictures)? concerns with leaking water, frost wedging, or drilling holes?

As this is brainstorming feel free to throw out ANY and ALL ideas, concerns, advice, etc.

Thanks again in advance.
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