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Originally Posted by hackitdown View Post
I tend to agree, the savings on fuel is small. I average 350 hrs each per year on two mowers. Based on a 40% reduction on my fuel consumption, I would save about $400 per year (per mower) on fuel by switching to diesel. So unless a diesel mower is more productive, and saves on labor costs, I don't think I can justify the up front expense of a diesel.

All things being equal (other than the engine), how much more does a diesel upgrade cost on a mower?
Being rude and countering your question with a question, how big a mower?

Kubota ZD221 $10,368
Kubota ZG222 $7,754

. . . TW's assumption was for 3 mowers should be 2 out fronts are only auxilliary, and check his assumptions are with/without the marked diesel price.The 9's are 72 inch and 60 inch, 132 inches total. The gas are 54 & 60 inch 114 inches total. The 9's have 15% more forward speed. Statistically speaking 33% more area per hour. Last computation done was diesel at .9 gallon per hour.

So 33% more area
81% fuel cost
& 81 % fuel consumption

diesel over gas up to 2 x productivity

I'll verify 2010 marked diesel fuel consumption
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