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Originally Posted by heather lawn sp View Post
Being rude and countering your question with a question, how big a mower?

Kubota ZD221 $10,368
Kubota ZG222 $7,754

. . . TW's assumption was for 3 mowers should be 2 out fronts are only auxilliary, and check his assumptions are with/without the marked diesel price.The 9's are 72 inch and 60 inch, 132 inches total. The gas are 54 & 60 inch 114 inches total. The 9's have 15% more forward speed. Statistically speaking 33% more area per hour. Last computation done was diesel at .9 gallon per hour.

So 33% more area
81% fuel cost
& 81 % fuel consumption

diesel over gas up to 2 x productivity

I'll verify 2010 marked diesel fuel consumption
I lied

diesel fuel consumption was 4.72 L/hr or 1.24 US gallon per hour

33% more area
81% fuel cost
112% fuel consumption

fuel cost and consumption virtually cancel out (90%), same cost per hour leaving 33% more area per hour. Bear in mind the 997 cost about twice as much as the ZG 221. ($7,000 spread over 7 year of life)

997 $4.61/hr
665/757 $5.085/hr
The test becomes:

Can you save $1,000 or more a year in fuel to pay for the mower?

Our $3700 diesel bill would increase by $1,233 for gas

For us this works

One further wrinkle, note both our older gas engines were swapped out at around 2000 hours, the diesels are still around at 2500 hours

Question: Does anybody have the gas consumption of 72 inch Z-turn mower?

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