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Originally Posted by RacTrustee View Post
thank you for the input. We've potentially decided on the Toro TimeCutterZ 42". It's in our current cash reserves price range & seems to meet our mowing needs. We had set on the 2011 20HP model but apparently HD has a 2010 22HP Kawasaki model that they'll knock some $ off of & the current promo offers a free trimmer.
Guys, great site. I'll echo what the others have said, I appreciate all the input from the pros, as well as the "amateurs", like me.

RacTrustee, I'm also considering this very Toro, the 42" with the 22 HP Kawasaki engine. Can you let us know how you make out with it? Also, if anyone else, Skidpad or others, has any experience with the Toro Time Cutter, please chime in. I've only got about 2/3 of an acre to cut. I think a Scag, eXmark or Bob Cat is too much machine for me, in terms of capability and money. Thanks.
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