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Originally Posted by heather lawn sp View Post
I lied

diesel fuel consumption was 4.72 L/hr or 1.24 US gallon per hour

33% more area
81% fuel cost
112% fuel consumption
Sorry for the errors. I did state my assumptions and say I needed more information.

I'm a little confused. You put 112% on fuel consumption, but previously said you were burning more gallons of gas in less hours than you were diesel. How did you come up with 112% fuel consumption? Was the gallons per week wrong? If not, then:

400hours/25weeks is 16hrs/week/mower->32 hours/week total 50gallons/32hours is about 1.6gph
250hours/25weeks is 10hrs/week/mower->20hours/week total. 53gallons/20hours is 2.65gph

Again, I get about 40% less gph.

Given the diesels are bigger and still moving faster, a diesel on a smaller deck mower might save even more GPH. I think $4 fuel savings/hour of mowing is a lot. Even $2/hour is enough to make the diesel pay for itself quickly if you mow large properties. If your mower runs 15 hours a week and rides on a trailer the rest of the time, diesel doesn't make much sense because you'll pay more to haul the extra weight.
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