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Originally Posted by TWerner View Post
We need to clarify the GPH with Heather Lawn SP.

If the burn rate is 40% less, or a gallon less per hour on a 72" mower, then you save about $4/hour. That's the price of a gallon a gas plus the lower cost of a gallon of ag diesel. If you pay more for diesel, figure you'd save about $3.5/hour.

So $1200 to 1400/year in gas. Probably a bit less on a 52/54" mower, but still significant.

I'm not clear on the numbers from yet.
I think it would be less on the smaller 52/54" mowers, since I'm only burning 1 gph of gas. Factoring in the higher cost of diesel, and the assumed 40% lower consumption, I would save about $1.15 per hour.

I will be mowing more hours this year (and in the future I hope), so the break-even date could be sooner. And if a diesel is somehow more productive, saving labor $$. As someone said, more hours, and bigger mowers make the best case for diesel.

Are they cheaper to maintain?

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