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Originally Posted by TWerner View Post
Hard to make it pay if you only burn one gallon an hour.

My tractor's diesel wasn't cheaper to maintain, it was the same as a gas engine. Filters and oil. I can't think of many other costs. It did get an oz of marvel mystery oil in every tank of fuel, but that's like scooby snacks for the dogs and cost a few bucks a year.

I'm curious, before that 2000hr mark where you buy a new gas engine, how much do you spend on engine maintanence? I've had to rebuild a carburetor because I left old gas in all winter, but other than that, I don't know what engine costs there are for you guys running gas mowers hundreds of hours a year.

Not too much really, oil and oil filter once per month, air filters twice a year, spark plugs here and there. I replaced a coil once.

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