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Originally Posted by TWerner View Post
Sorry for the errors. I did state my assumptions and say I needed more information.

I'm a little confused. You put 112% on fuel consumption, but previously said you were burning more gallons of gas in less hours than you were diesel. How did you come up with 112% fuel consumption? Was the gallons per week wrong? If not, then:

400hours/25weeks is 16hrs/week/mower->32 hours/week total 50gallons/32hours is about 1.6gph
250hours/25weeks is 10hrs/week/mower->20hours/week total. 53gallons/20hours is 2.65gph

Again, I get about 40% less gph.

Given the diesels are bigger and still moving faster, a diesel on a smaller deck mower might save even more GPH. I think $4 fuel savings/hour of mowing is a lot. Even $2/hour is enough to make the diesel pay for itself quickly if you mow large properties. If your mower runs 15 hours a week and rides on a trailer the rest of the time, diesel doesn't make much sense because you'll pay more to haul the extra weight.
We have a large variance in fuel consumption. We can increase consumption 10 and 40% if it is a heavy growth week, such as this spring or if the trimming is falling back. In the middle of a dry summer consumption can fall. The deck loading can drink through more fuel than the mower speed. When trimming time is high in spring, the diesels get less time. In August trim time is minimal and productivity and diesel consumption surges ahead.
The numbers I used are season long, 3779.28 litres of marked diesel and 800 hours. We can mow 25 acres per day per unit, is that a lot?

The Kubota dealership voiced an opinion that gas to diesel of same horsepower might be 30% difference in consumption. Add to that $1.205 gas to $0.9765 diesel, cost per hour could be significant.

marked diesel 0.7 litre @.9765= $0.683
gas 1.0 litre @1.205= $1.205

There's your double factor
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