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Interesting observation made:
if gas engine is $2,000 plus to replace @ 2000 hours then that would make the cost of the mowers, in this example The Kubota ZD &ZG the same at 2500 hours $7,700 plus $2000 engine and install versus $10,370 for the ZD.Yes newer engine in the gas mower at 2500 hours but diesel saving @ $1.78/hour or $4,400 for diesel ZD221 @ 2500 hours.

So gas mower better residual value by three quarter of an engine life ($1500)
but diesel cheaper operation by $4,400 fuel savings. In line with the $400 a year suggested earlier.

(one of the engine swaps was found at a surplus centre for $975, a John Deere engine in a crate. As suggested the other engine was $2,160 with taxes)

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