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Originally Posted by ted putnam View Post
Yea, at those rates, it only take one or 2 days over 80 to hear the bacon sizzlin. Something else is the "feed grade" Urea. Is it melting properly? Do you have good tank agitation? Does the tank mix become more concenmtrated as the day goes on because of improper mixing if the active ingredients? Many variables but the first thing I'd do is drop the rate/1000 of N.
Heat is not the problem. 60s for highs. I agitate between apps and it's a pressured cross tank agitation.

The N rate is high, but not more than I have always applied. This season is the only variable, and not all lawns are browning. Only a select few, and mostly in areas that are shaded and probably stay damp but I always apply less in shaded areas. That is why I wonder about fungus.
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