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soccer field help, small budget...

I have volunteered my services to a local non-profit soccer club. The soccer field is in terrible/typical condition. Bald in front of goals. Very bumpy throughout field. Dandelions lousy in two opposite corners. The field is lightly used in the spring. Just pick-up games and the occasional practice for tournaments. I live in western Maryland. It has been cool and wet. I probably have a few more weeks of optimal planting/renovation. I am also mowing the field and surrounding areas as well. This field is approximately 80x40yards. With the surrounding area being a little bigger than that.
I have learned so much on these sites. You guys are very knowledged in what you do. The association doesn't own much equipment as far as renovation. So I guess I will have to rent most of it. They do have a toro zero turn, lawn tractor, large roller, and a pull behind aerator.
So what I would like to get done is topsoil low spots especially in front of the goal. Get rid of dandelion patches. Hand plant low areas and divots throughout the field. Level out bumps. Rent a slit seeder to do the majority of the seeding.
I have ideas on how to get this done. But I would like the input of professionals! The only work i have done is rolling the field and getting the grass down to 2". I guess I will need it lower to do this work? I would really like a plan of action from the experts on here as to where to start and how to do it.
The field is compacted too bad. The grass is native. Dark and wide leafed. It drains fairly well except for one corner. There is NO irrigation. I can get water there, but it will be in jugs! I will try to get some pictures if that helps you guys out at all.
I havent gave you the budget yet. That is probably the worst part of this whole project. I have 500.00 as of right now to work with. It is a non-profit so I should get some relief from the rental place and such. The main expenses will be grass seed, top soil, and sand if you guys think i need it. That not counting the equipment needed. I think I can get more money if this doesnt stretch as far as I would like. But Im not certain about that part.
I look forward hearing from you guys. I am excited to work on this project and make this field way better for the kids!
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