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Pic#1- Turns out I'm a wussy. I wanted to make sure my ramp wouldn't be falling off and hurting anybody, so you can see the chains I bolted to it for the "just in case" factor. The chains have a 800lb working load limit. I figured it would be plenty.

Also in pic #1 you can see the mounting tabs for the STT lights that will be mounted down there. (far right of the tag)

Pic #2- I just used some eye bolts and opened them up, slid the tag in and closed them back tight. That seemed like the easiest way to put the plate on the back.

I am not afraid of people seeing my plate numbers locally, or in person....I just don't think they need to be posted online.

I'm not a Miracle Worker, if it looks like crap now, it will look like crap with stripes when I am done.

My E-450 Dovetail Van project thread.

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