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Originally Posted by Mr. Vern View Post
Very nice work! We do a lot of ponds and i will give you one of our best kept secrets. Mix 3-4 different sizes of gravel together. We will take 1yd 3/8, 2yds 3/4, 1yd 2" and then 1/2yd 4-6". We will mix all of it together in a bin at our yard and then use it for our streams. A mixture in this range takes the natural look up several notches. Also, varying the size of your boulders like you did in your first one makes a BIG difference. The key to natural looking streams is to avoid any uniformity. One other secret that we have found is to replace a few of the boulders with dirt mounds so you can put plants right up next to the water. It eliminates that "necklace" look and softens the edges. It doesn't look quite as finished prior to the planting, but once the plants go in, it looks like God put it there not us.
Thank you very much for the tips. I will try that if I get anymore to install. Do you possibly have any pictures of some you have installed? I love seeing pictures of them.

Originally Posted by rlee View Post
You do incredible work. Thanks for the specs. I would definitely advertise your water features A LOT! I don't know the market in NE, but out here you wouldn't be doing anything else but water, after customers saw those pics.
Thank you! Looks like I'm moving!
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