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Originally Posted by geminibuddy View Post
If looking- remember there is a weight difference- my Kubota ZD60 cuts like crazeee and it does have more torque and sips fuel. The only downside is that if I were mowing small yards I would have trouble with the size/weight of it (#1300lb machine only)- But as for "knocking it down" I mow 3 acre lot of bermuda in 1.5 hours including edging/trimming/blowing that I have seen other mower take 2-3 hours and bogging. Mine is a great piece of equipment. One decision for me is the dealer/service is less than 2 miles away and I have access to diesel also.

We cut 50 schools a week with Z Turns. It's not a 'small time' machine. You have to pile on the hours to make it pay for the extra cost of the diesel engine over the gas engine.
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