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Originally Posted by pitrack View Post
Thank you very much for the tips. I will try that if I get anymore to install. Do you possibly have any pictures of some you have installed? I love seeing pictures of them.

Thank you! Looks like I'm moving!
Here is one that I have handy. It is going into a pond. I will try to dig up some more when I get on my other computer.
This example is more of what I call a "babbling brook" rather than the traditional "falls". We have found that they look more natural and the sound is much more soothing. I find that if the customer is looking for a waterfeature that will be next to their patio, they want to be able to have a conversation and the water not overpower it. Also, the faster moving water with large falls tends to amp people up as opposed to calming them down. We design according to the customer's application.
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