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Hey Jim,

I 've been in business now for7 years now, originally I was going to make this a full time career,but after high school I went to school for Horticulture half way thru I took a job with the National Park Service as a Gardener they finished paying for school. Now I have a degree in Hort and work 4 10 hr days with the the park and work three days for myself. I'm now a gardener and Wild land firefighter for the park service. I have 8 customers full time and I do a lot of one time jobs for people. I normally make in six months what I make at the park in a whole year.The park i get all my benefits so I probably won't leave until I can get a job on a fire dept.
I have a pesticide license, hoisting license, mauget tree injection cert, EMT, Mass Firefighter 1 and 2 Cert, Funeral apprentice, Those are all my titles. As you can see I keep busy. I do most of my work in the Greater Lowell area.
T. Matthews
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