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Bagging the grass no doubt leaves a nicer, cleaner turf on most jobsites..and is somewhat better for certain turf grasses..however....bagging usually costs more to do...more time, landfill fees, ect...if you want to be competitive and still stay in business you really have to track your the MINUTE !!! there may be some accts that bagging is faster than mulching..and maybe thing ive seen a lot of in 25yrs is no 2 companies are ever the same...what costs me 50.00 to do may only cost you 35.00 and vise versa...only you can asses your operating costs and try to make a decent net profit...everyone expenses will be very different as such so is the pricing...anyway...whether or not to bag will depend on the price you can get for bagging....track your times for everything you do...evaluate it every month and make changes as needed to keep a profit...even the weather will change times for you and you need to compensate for it....the only thing you really have to sell is your time......
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