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Order for slit seeding

1. soil test (it would be wasting other peoples money without a soil test)
2. apply lime as recommended
3. Aerate as best you can to provide aeration holes a maximum or 2" apart
4. slice seed in two directions at 45 degree angles to one another to apply a total of 6 lbs. try rye per thousand square feet.

try rye is the only seed that has a chance given the use of the field. Tall focus/ blue grass mix would work in the fall if you could lay the field up for a minimum of 1 year. Rye germinates fast and has better wear tolerance early on than other seed.
5. drag field with chain link fence or an infield drag to break up clumps, sweep loose soil into aeration holes and smooth field
6. fertilize based on soil test results.
7. mulch with hay or other material to protect seed, retain moisture and equalize temperature extremes.
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