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Originally Posted by southpaw23 View Post
Hi all...I'm a homeowner who for the past 5+ years, has been mowing my 2.5 acre yard with a Craftsman regular riding mower. I'm ready to take the plunge to a ZTR and I've narrowed it down to a couple options and wanted to get some opinions on which might be better.
I'm wanting to try and keep this purchase under $3500 if possible but that's not a strict limit.
First one is the Toro TimeCutter SS5060 (50") and the other is the Husqvarna RZ5424 (54"). Both have a 24HP two cylinder engine. Even though the Toro's deck is slightly smaller, it does have the smart speed control system. However I don't know if this is a feature that really makes a difference between these mowers. I don't fully understand what would make this preferable over the Husqvarna.
So any opinions or thoughts would be really helpful as I want to make this purchase sometime in the next week.
Or perhaps there is a different model altogether that I haven't considered?
I would suggest looking at a BadBoy MZ...but the biggest deck available is 48". Along the same lines is the Hustler Sport and I think they are available with a 54" deck...but the price might be over what you want to spend. Both very well built mowers and I'd say the best in their class. I really like my BadBoy MZ48.

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