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So more updates and lessons learned:

1. Rain causes delays and customers don't understand that at all.
2. Stay-at-home moms are the worst in every way.
3. Tattoos scare old people.
4. 10% of your customers are 90% of the problem.
5. If you land 100% of your bids and estimates then you are low balling yourself.
6. A phone call does go a long ways.
7. Just looking like you know what you are doing is half the battle.
8. Never complain in front of the customer, even if it's a long time friend.
9. Before, during and after - prepare, prepare, prepare.
10. Calm down, it's really not that bad.
11. Only bid jobs when you're hot and tired.
12. Everything is harder than it looks.
13. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.
14. Bi-weekly accounts cannot expect to look as good as weekly, pay up or shut it.
15. SuTech really, really, really does suck.
16. Don't let them pre-pay, it's no fun owing work.
17. No matter your outfit's size - growl at the competition.
18. Small yards are actually difficult.
19. Treat all lawn ornaments as if they are made of out porcelain.
20. Tomorrow you'll land that dream account (then you can ditch a difficult one).
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