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I agree with perfect. IF the beds are really bad as you make them sound, you should plan on at least 1 to prep them with 3 guys. For our prepping we will weed all the beds (large weeds), small little weeds we wil just hit with roundup (im talking like little grassy weeds etc). clean out the leaves and debris. Then we will take our mulch-pro thats attached to a weed eater and run it over the mulch. This breaks up the mulch to allow more breathing room for the mulch. And so it doesnt create that hard compacted mulch under the new mulch becasue that can allow the new mulch to wash out easier.

Then we will lightly rake that all out and get the base fairly level. Then edging the beds. We take a stick edger with a wavy blade and run it around, then use a razorback to deepen the edge and then follow up with the spade to get it nice and flat and even. All the grass clumps are hauled out and the nice soil is raked evenly into the old soil and covered with the old mulch. No clumps of soil are left. On a project of that size from the sounds of it, we could probably have it edged and cleaned in about 30-45 minutes with 3 guys.

Then spreading the mulch. We use 3 guys usually spreading the mulch and we could do that in about 1 hour. 2 guys wheeling and the other spreading it. We dump it and rough spread then afterwords go over with leaf rakes turned over and level it out. All the small delicate plants (perennials and annuals) all get mulch spread with a pitch fork. One hold the plants and the other gently spreads.

Sp right there were talking about 8 hours to do that job in really high quality work, and to make it look right. Our labor rate is actually $35.00/hour (varies by region), but you need to figure that out for yourself. So right there thats $280 plus then the 4 yards of mulch. Depends on what kind your using, for us we sell our double ground dyed brown at $30/yd (get it for $24). If we can haul it ourselves (3 yards in the truck and another 5 on 6 on the trailer its $50/delivery fee, if we have it delivered we add 10% onto our delivery fee from the supplier.

So I would be at least at $450 for that job. Which isnt too bad for 3 guys in and out in
about 3 hours (4 if you include pickup time for the mulch). You can get 2-3 jobs done per day at that rate and if they are all $450/job that $1350 per day, not a bad day at all. IF we have a full day of mulching we will just go to the supplier in the morning and pick up 10 yards and then just go, saves time later. Any extra mulch we will probably just have delivered.
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