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Originally Posted by TK1 View Post
Just wondering if the suspension is enough reason to buy one. Who can tell me how they compare to a rigid frame with a suspension seat?

Will be for residential 3 acre but not the smoothest lot out there. (new home seeded a month ago)

Local dealer has a 1500 with the 28 vanguard,

I like the feel of the Huslter Z much better but can't get past the suspension on the Ferris. thanks

Also Big Dog mowers, any comments?
Its rigid enough lol. Suspension seats got nothing on the whole machine not fawking you up while you drive over some bumps!

A 1500z model is not a front independant suspension, we have one, but still drives pretty nice.

A 2000z will be same as the 3100 series and bigger and is better suspension up front

We have a 1500/2000/3100 with suspension and a 06 1000z w/0 any suspension, i love the machine to death but goddam, sit on the other machines for a few hours then hop on that thing and your teeth rattle lose.. just like every other ztr out on the market!

We buy a lot from local Deere dealer.. nice machines, but he cannot sell me a new ZTR deere even if he discounted it almost half price!
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