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Originally Posted by RJGiants75 View Post
I'm on a limited budget and was curious on what you guys thought about the Toro Timecutter ZTR's. My local dealer has the one that HD sells (Kohler engine) but also has the one with the Kawasaki engine for not much more. Thoughts?
What is your budget and what kind of acreage are you cutting?
You can get into a Badboy MZ series for about $2999 maybe the same money for the Hustler sport! And these machines are both built very well. This would be with the Briggs engine, but I feel the Briggs engines in these machines are doing pretty well. Maybe Saw & Mow can pop in here and fill you in on the MZ and the Briggs engine!

As far as the timecutter, there are people on the board here that own them and like them, Toro is a great name in the green industry, Toro commercial mowers and top notch and can maybe be said as one of the best industry! I don't feel the same about their residential mowers, but they will do the job and if you can get the Kawi engine, by all means get it! It is probably the FR engine, same as the Badboy MZ and Sport. There are more options out there for a little more money. When it comes to a ZTR purchase and few hundred more can really go along way. There are many things to consider, such as transmissions, frame build and the deck! A fabricated welded deck is certainly much better and will last a much longer time than a stamped deck. I am sure a few MZ and Sport owners will stop in here and assist you with any questions!
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