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Irrigation Manifold Location

Hello All,

I have had a lot of fun looking through some of your posts in this thread and the Irrigation sections of this forum and I am quite impressed at the level of expertise displayed on this board. As I have a question to ask, I thought that this would be a good place to seek an answer...

Is there any reason why the control valve manifolds are always installed below grade in a valve box?

It seems to me that mounting above grade would keep valve wiring drier and make maintenance easier. More to the point, mounting inside the garage below the control box makes even more sense to my feeble mind...

If I had never seen valve manifolds for heating system zone control mounted indoors, I suppose I would assume that manifolds indoors have inherent issues. However, knowing that is the norm for heating, why not for irrigation?

The only issue I can think of is the plethora of wall penetrations for the outputs. However, a tube of good caulk and a well placed shrub outside should handle that issue...

Note: I realize that the PVB should be outside as it might spurt when the well pump cycles...

At any rate, I am interested in your comments.


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