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Originally Posted by RJGiants75 View Post
I'm on a limited budget and was curious on what you guys thought about the Toro Timecutter ZTR's. My local dealer has the one that HD sells (Kohler engine) but also has the one with the Kawasaki engine for not much more. Thoughts?
I just took delivery of a Toro Timecutter today. I got the 42" with the 22HP Kawasaki engine. I used it today on my lawn that hasn't been cut in 2 weeks with all the rain here in Cleveland. My grass was 10" high. The mower cut through it with absolutely NO problems. Get the bigger engine, like I did. You won't regret it.

BUT, I'm an amateur, and I did learn a lesson about using these careful if your lawn is soggy and marshy. I got stuck when I allowed the tires to spin and the tread to fill up with mud. I left ruts and learned you better plan your turns accordingly, or you're gonna be sorry. You don't want to be going over the same spots two or three times when you make your turns. That's where I got into trouble.

But, as far as the actual machine, it seems well built, handles like a dream, and has plenty of power to make quick work of very tall, wet grass. Now, I've only used it once, but I actually had fun cutting the grass...and drinking beer at the same time. Hmm...maybe that's why I got stuck!

Hope this helps.
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