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Originally Posted by dirtandhoops View Post
I'm not sure but I'm curious as to what parts of the corn grain remains after the distilling process. Chemically and physically, what is taken out and what remains?
Marcos, I presume you are using dried DG? Also, what kind of operation are you getting it from?

I'm seeing a lot of red thread here, too. But, like you, not so much on my organic lawns.
Where do I get it?
A very well-established well-known Midwest-based Ag distributor.

In this article & in Ag circles, DG is always referred to as DDGS, or "dried distillers grains with solubles". This link is very much farm-related, but it's still very much worth the time to read because it looks at DG's fertilizer potential from an Ag perspective, looking out:


Obviously ethanol production has grown exponentially since this Ag-related link was released about 3 years ago.
In the US with more & more ethanol plants coming on-line combined with higher beef prices (driven partially by higher foreign demand), market forces are such that both forms of DG most likely will remain plentiful, & thus relatively affordable.
This is great news for livestock farmers who (according to this link) use by far the majority of distillers grains produced as cattle feed.
And of course this is also a great deal for "specialty market" buyers, like us.

Clue: If you're considering early order load-your-shed savings deals this fall, and you're considering DG as a part of that package, don't listen to or read corn futures!

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