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Originally Posted by BIGBOY2008 View Post
First of all you are going to need agitation because there is no way you can do sealing without some type of agitation involved. If you are using coal tar emulsion and you let it sit overnight it will seperate and you will need some type of agitation to re-mix it for use. Another reason you need agitation is because you are pretty much required to add sand to your sealer mix. This is due to the fact the manufacturer of the sealer purposefully intends (as evidenced in writing) for the product to be used with sand. If the product doesnt have sand added it will be slick after it cures and if a person slips they can sue you because you willfully created a hazardous condition by applying sealer without it containing a proper sand load.
I have heard this argument before those are the manufactures suggested mixing procedures. But there is nothing like a good heavy sand load.
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