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Castlerockmo -- The zt that I demoed 4 weeks ago was an MZ5225 (52"). Mows great when I can get traction. The near constant rain and soft, hilly yards we have in the Catskill mnts don't make for easy mowing.

Anyway, I still liked it for the price, just wanted a 61". Went back to the dealer the next week - check in hand - found out that due to the factory move (from Neb to SC) they were way behind on zt... maybe June... currently is a maybe Sept. Husqvarna not willing to ship from states that have extra units (like TN).

Currently using a relative's JD 2105 with 54" mid-deck (mid-20's hp diesel and 4wd). So I can do the steep banks and soft areas with ease, but it does leave wheel marks (not ruts). Meanwhile, JD has a May special on 2000 series... $2500 off 2 attatchments ... still in the $15k range.
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