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Mulch/Plant Installation

Job I completed 1.5 weeks ago. Picked up this client through a bit of advertising that I've been doing. Direct Marketplace- I had a 2 yards of mulch free installed with a minimum of 6 yards per job coupon that I received two jobs from. There was also a 1/2 price landscape design coupon, but I have not had any calls for that. The first job I showed recently on this thread and this is the second job I did.

There was a lot of add-ons with this job. He has had some other work done by other companies in the past from what I could tell. (at least for the mulch applications and back-yard lawn renovation.) He had been wanting to make changes but work has tied him up so he has gotten behind on some landscaping projects.

The HO liked my coupon and I did some pop-up drain repairs to make them work correctly again. Had to move some small blue junipers from the front to the back, add an Alberta spruce and one more blue juniper. (the name of the juniper is escaping me right now.) Transplant a couple of bushes. Re-install some boxwoods, extend a bed, install new plants, Trim shrubs by hand etc..

The Stihl tiller is getting a major work-out this year. Glad I replaced the bearings otherwise I would have trashed it by now.

Bed depth expanded by 18 inches or so. I just re-set the flagstone with only having to cut a couple of them. No mortar, just dry laid. The HO might change that bed again down the road as I tried to talk them into making one whole bed that incorporated the pine tree.

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Bed edges cut with the tiller head. Even ran on the inside of the existing flagstone edging.

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