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Originally Posted by tuffram View Post
It really depends on your needs if you are looking for superior cut in any condition possible (very very wet tall grass) get the deer if you are looking for a good cut in mostly dry conditions get the Kubota. If you are looking to buy a ztr that will give you years and years of superior dependability and trouble free get the Kubota. I have just started in the last week helping a local friend of mine with some of his accounts mostly I just help him rough cut some large church property he is running 2 deer 900 series both have the 7 iron decks I will admit I have had some mixed feelings about deer products but after looking at them they seem to be made well however we compared my zg222 to his A910 and the zg222 is hands down built better than the deer.
I am a Deere fan, and will readily admit that, but when plunking down my hard earned cash in the amounts necessary to buy great, relaible, and well made equipment, I am not brand loyal if there's something better I can buy.

Before I bought my Deere ZTR, I checked out several other brands including Kubota. They make nice machines for sure, and I wouldn't complain over having to own one (at least where ZTR's are concerned, but would never chose one of their compact ut's over a Deere- never), but after checking them out for a while, I decided on the Deere, and don't regret it. There's no way anyone can honestly say that one is vastly superior to the other, but there are differences, and no one in his right mind who isn't being brand loyal or just plain doesn't care for Deere can say that the Kubota is better made when comparing them to current Deere ZTR's, cause it simply ain't so. The new Deere ZTR's are very well made/stoutly constructed.

Besides, the green and yellow paint goes good on a lawn, and I ain't ever seen orange foilage that was natural (at least of the lawn care type)
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