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Originally Posted by JasonsLawnCare1 View Post
yeah it had been 3 weeks since i cut the yard in the video and it was pretty thick...hard to tell on the video...but centipede grass is a really thick i wasn't in a big hurry since that was the only yard i had to cut that day lol.

i generally don't go that fast on smaller yards like that one...i only go fast on the bigger wide open yards....i don't like to be rushed or be in a hurry...i take my time and do a good job and work at my own pace...that's why i got into lawn care so i could work how i wanted to work and be on my own time schedule.

Ok I gotcha. We don't cut that type of grass here. All of our grass is fescue. Does that lawn have much of a backyard? If the back is about the same size as the front that is a $20 to $25 lawn in our area.

I have to knock them out in volume to make any money with the low prices around here. I showed up in a neighborhood this morning at 7am that we have 8 lawns on one block. I was pulling away at 9:15. That is about 17 minutes each to cut, trim and blow off and that included stopping to talk for a minute to 2 customers wanting to know how my dad was doing. Went 3 blocks over and did one then 2 blocks and did 1 then 10 minutes up the street and did 2 then 5 minutes away another 2 then another 2 minutes and did 1 and was burning up by then so I headed home at 12 and had 15 done. Heat index today of 105.
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