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Originally Posted by colehog View Post
One month ago bought 2 Bad Boy 28 hp diesel mowers. Have tried many mowers before deciding on these 2, liked the ride and decent cut. Problems started after one week, deck bearing went out, paint chipping off, hydraulic leak, bolts on exhaust guard vibrated off, and after 30 days went to get on mower and the deck won't move up or down. What to do? I like the mowers except for the problems. Called bad boy said some things might be fixed under warranty but would sell me a can of spray paint for 13.99. Instead of working tomorrow I will be driving 70 miles to dealer to get issues fixed. Hope this is not an ongoing problem especially for the price you pay. A little unhappy right now so venting since I paid for NEW equipment so I wouldn't have to work on equipment all the time. Anyone else with these issues?? More reviews to come good or bad.

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I don't own a diesel BB, and my Outlaw hasn't had any issues yet. But if I were you I would be going over every nut and bolt on both those units , or make the dealer do it while I was watching. How many hours have you put on them in 1 week ?

What deck bearing are you refering to?

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