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has anyone done a pondless system that functions for drainage?

Hey Everyone!

We do a lot of drainage and dry creek beds, and I'm wanting to do a 'Wet creek bed' one of these days. I'm interested in photos or information containing anything like this. Usually my creek beds have a drain box-opposite start, meaning that all of the under ground drainage, including drain boxes, downspout drainage, etc enters the bed at some point by pressure on a grated drain exit. There is also natural drainage into these via slope of the property.

I was thinking that some of our clients would like our creek beds to function in more than 2 ways.. right now, they function for drainage and for beauty; I want them to also function as constant waterfalls. Does anyone have experience in this?

Currently my rate is around $800 per 35' dry creek bed at 3' wide. Would 50% more with a start up cost of $1500 make sense to make a dry creek bed into a 'wet creek bed'?

Lets hear ideas for the potential!

Attached is an example of a recent dry creek bed that we did.
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