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Originally Posted by bobcat48 View Post
Thanks haha i love them all i just picked up the husqvarna 128ld at lowes very nice for 200 with a trimmer and free edger around april and my echo trimmer and blower are great and same with the stihl blower and ryobi hedge trimmer didnt need a new one for the limited use it sees..and very nice heard good things about shindys,that is very koolgoodluck with that just got out of schhol today yeahh buddy
lucky i still have another week and a half but yeah shindys are good but i dont think id use anything but redmax for blowers, but im not as a big of a shindaiwa fan since they were bought out by echo, once that happened they dropped all the good models, the T-242 is alright but id take the T-230 any day out of the week, stupid epa
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