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Originally Posted by andyslawncare View Post
I think you guys misunderstood my price idea... attached is a photo of how most of my creek beds look. It would be the current charge of 800 per 35' for the creek bed, then 50% added to it, and $1500 to get the basin and pump set up. This way I could do 35' for 2700; a 70' long for 3900. I guess a high volume pump may drive the cost up a little in materials. The only other labor would mainly be to construct the basin, use pond liner instead of fabric, and run the plumbing. I guess an option to use it if its dry or rainy would be to install a water line and a float valve.

Most waterfalls I see around are more complex and require greater elevation drop. My pricing estimate here would include no water fall foam or large drops, etc...
If you are using fabric as a base for your creek beds, it would have to be replaced with liner and, I agree, reduce the amount of cobble used and replace it with medium and large gravel.

Originally Posted by STL Ponds and Waterfalls View Post
I can't wait to do a permeablr driveway with a Rainwater system. Contamination might not be what you think with the benefits of the filtration that a permeable system has. Think about the parking lot systems that runoff into creeks and sewer systems, they are suppose to be great filters.
I question the claim that permeable pavings are good filters. If they were, they would clog up the same as would any other filter and they also have no capacity to break down Hydrocarbons which are a parking areas primary pollutant. This is the primary advantage to the environment that permeable pavings contribute. Most, if not all, pollutants are allowed to 'permeate' through the pavings directly into the ground, INSTEAD of being carried away in run-off to contaminate streams and other natural water ways.
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